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Regular Papers:

Amani Alheid, Angela Doufexi and Dritan Kaleshi. 
Impact of Packet Reordering on the Potential to Utilize the Multipath Communication

Xiaolong Cui, Taieb Znati and Rami Melhem. 
Adaptive and Power-Aware Resilience for Extreme-scale Computing

Deniz Dal and Rashid Morady. 
A Multi-Population Based Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Multiprocessor Task Scheduling with Communication Costs

Julien Duchateau, François Rousselle, Nicolas Maquignon, Gilles Roussel and Christophe Renaud. 
An out-of-core method for physical simulations on a multi-GPU architecture using Lattice Boltzmann method

Christian Pinto, Baptiste Reynal, Nikolay Nikolaev and Salvatore Daniel Raho. 
A zero-copy shared memory framework for host-guest data sharing in KVM

Van Long Tran, Éric Renault and Viet Hai Ha. 
Analysis and evaluation of the performance of CAPE

Bashir Mohammed, Mariam Kiran and Irfan Ullah Awan. 
An Integrated Virtualized Strategy for Fault Tolerance in Cloud Computing Environment

Sanshan Gao, Shunqing Zhang, Weiping Li, Shugong Xu and Michael Fu. 
Cost-Efficient Parallel RSA Decryption with Integrated GPGPU and OpenCL

Leszek Sliwko and Vladimir Getov. 
AGOCS – Accurate Google Cloud Simulator Framework

Ewa Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz and Jacek Błaszczyk. 
Simulation-based Optimization Methods Applied to Large Scale Water Systems Control

Bastien Plazolles, Didier El Baz and Martin Spel, Vincent Rivola and Pascal Gecout. 
Parallel Monte-Carlo Simulations on GPU and Xeon Phi for Stratospheric Balloon Envelope Drift Descent Analysis

Fabio Tordini. 
A cloud solution for multi-omics data integration

Amin Majd, Golnaz Sahebi, Masoud Daneshtalab, Juha Plosila and Hannu Tenhunen. 
Placement of Smart Mobile Access Points in Wireless Sensor Networks and Cyber-Physical Systems using Fog Computing

Osama Ibrahim and Ahmed El-Mahdy. 
An Efficient Load Balancing Method for Tree Algorithms

Ehsan Atoofian. 
Improving Performance of GPGPUs through L1 Data Cache Compression

Diana Gudu. 
On MAS-based, Scalable Resource Allocation in Large-scale, Dynamic Environments

Igor Kotenko and Igor Saenko. 
An Approach to Aggregation of Security Events in Internet-of-Things Networks Based on Genetic Optimization

Short papers:

Kui Wang, Jari Nurmi and Tapani Ahonen.
Accelerating Computation on an Android Phone with OpenCL Parallelism and Optimizing Workload Distribution between a Phone and a Cloud Service

Dai Duong Nguyen, Mohamed Abouzahir, Abdelhafid Elouardi, Bruno Larnaudie and Samir Bouaziz. 
GPU Accelerated Robust-Laser based Fast Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Brendan Lawlor and Paul Walsh. 
The Weekend Warrior: How to build a genomic supercomputer in your spare time using Streams and Actors in Scala

Juan Pablo Bermeo, Hilda Castillo, Xavier Armijos, Juan Diego Jara, Felipe Sanchez and Henry Bermeo. 
Artificial Neural Network and Monte Carlo Simulation in a hybrid method for time series forecasting with generation of L-scenarios

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