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The 16th IEEE International Conference on Scalable Computing and Communications covers the different aspects related to communication networks, including design, queueing theory, performance analysis, communication protocols, distributed application deployment with emphasis on scalability. ScalCom 2016 deals also with modern computing systems for High Performance Computing (HPC) and High-Throughput Computing (HTC). The Conference covers particularly clusters, massively parallel systems and heterogeneous computing systems using multicore processors and computing accelerators like Graphics Processing Units (GPU) and Many Integrated Cores (MIC). Design and analysis of parallel algorithms is covered. New trends like mobile, pervasive, cloud computing and the convergence of communication and computing are also considered.

Authors are encouraged to submit unpublished original research works in one of the following topics.

Topic 1: Cloud computing and engineering:

  • X as a Service, where X includes Backend, Business Process, Database, Information, Infrastructure, Network, Platform, Security, Software, and Storage
  • performance, dependability, and service level agreements
  • cloud programming models and tools

Topic 2: GPU, accelerators and novel architectures for Scalability-Rethinking:

  • parallel programming models
  • embedded parallel and distributed systems
  • heterogenous platforms
  • GPU, MIC, and FPGA based parallel systems
  • parallel I/O
  • memory organisation

 Topic 3: Modelling and Simulation of Large Complex Systems

  • complex systems modelling and simulation
  • cellular Automata, Genetic Algorithms, Neural networks, Swarm Intelligence implementations
  • integrated approach to optimization and simulation
  • high-performance Software developed to solve science (e.g., biological, physical, and social), engineering, medicine, and humanities problems

Topic 4: Extreme scale systems and applications

  • peta-scale and exa-scale workloads
  • high-performance and high-throughput computing
  • run-time systems for extreme scale applications
  • fault-tolerance in large scale applications
  • near-data processing and data-centric approaches

 Topic 5: Mobile, wireless and pervasive computing

  • queueing theory
  • design and performance analysis of communication networks
  • communication protocols
  • distributed applications with emphasis on scalability
  • distributed applications deployment
  • internet of things
  • pervasive computing
  • distributed robotics
  • energy
  • convergence of communication and computing
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